2023 Bathroom Design Trends

With the rise of working remotely, homeowners have continued to invest in the comfort of their homes as both workspaces and a place to unplug and recharge. It’s amazing to see the level of pride, creativity, and dedication that clients have placed in their homes–and it just so happens to keep us busy here at Grandview! 

Imagine a space that allows you to unplug, unwind, and recharge in pure comfort and relaxation. Following a few stress-filled years it’s no wonder bathroom’s are becoming more of an escape from reality and less of a quick pit stop. Remember pattern floor tiles? That trend is so pre-pandemic and exhausting just to think about. The overarching feel for bathrooms in 2023 is natural tones, spa-like relaxation with soft touches.  Giving just enough visual interest to allow for some creativity but keeping it minimalistic and calming to limit distractions and enhance relaxation.  

2023 Bathroom Trends:

  • Spa features – following stressful years more than ever people are craving a place to recharge and relieve stress. Steam showers, deep bathtubs, and monolithic design are all contributors to a spa-like feel. 
  • Arches – create a soothing feel, and inspire relaxation. Arch mirrors, doorways, and entrances create an inviting, calm opening.
  • Curved showers – like arch doorways, curved walls are soothing and create a feeling like you’re wrapped in a space. Both comforting and unique, curved shower walls are definitely a sought after luxury feature.
  • Raw & Natural finishes – create a natural escape from the modern world. Wood tones, stone, concrete, even wood-look porcelain tiles add a natural, organic texture. 
  • Sculptural Taps – Sink faucets have become more bold over the last few years, but for 2023 the faucet is more of a statement piece. 
  • Heated Floors – Although Heated floors are not a new feature, with modern waterproofing we can run heated floors even in the shower! Heated benches, shower floors and bathroom floors create an atmosphere that surrounds you in warmth.
  • Soaker Tubs – What better way to recharge then in a deep soaker tub. The ultimate relaxation fixture, soaker tubs add value to a bathroom and also contribute to a stress relieving routine.

Let’s get creative with your bathroom, take design forward risks, and create a space so luxurious and relaxing that you’ll never want to leave!


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